All kinds of x-ray taking, ultrasonography and Colored Doppler and mammography; MR and BT examination are conducted at Radiology Unit of our hospital.

Examinations conducted at Radiology Unit

  • A-Direct Graphies
  • B- Ultrasonographical examinations
  • Chest radiography
  • Leg long graphy
  • Flat tummy graphy
  • Articular graphies
  • Hand-wrist graphies
  • Head graphies
  • Cardiovascular telecardiograms
  • Bone surveys
  • Mammography (single)
  • Mandible (single direction)
  • Pelvic graphies
  • Schuller graphies (comparitive)
  • Sella spot graphies
  • Sinüs (Waters) graphies (single direction)
  • Stenvers graphies (comparitive)
  • Temporamandibular articular
  • Long bones (single x-ray) (single direction)
  • Vertebra graphies