In Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation unit individuals are treated in order to continue their daily activities independently through multi-directional treatment and applications for the patients who have experienced diseases, accidents, traumas, function loss or disorders that have been arisen due to pain and other reasons.

What is Physiotherapy?

Problems like pain, edema, inflammation, hard muscles and muscle spasms that limit the activity of the muscles are remedied through administering physical agents at correct dosage and period that are appropriate for the individual. Hastalık öncesi beceri düzeyine ve yaşam konforuna ulaşmak amacıyla daha kalıcı sonuçlar almak ise rehabilitasyon ile mümkündür. Rehabilitasyon sözcük anlamı kaybedilen fonksiyonların yeniden kazanılmasıdır. Rehabilitation enables individuals to gain permanent outcomes in order to reach the level of skills and living comfort prior to diseases. The meaning of rehabilitation is to recover the lost functions.