Did you know how easy it is to protect from hemorrhoids, which is painful to say, and unfortunately, when it reaches the final stage, it is consulted to the doctor?

Hemorrhoids are loosening the vein ball around the rectum and hanging out in the shape of the breast. ‘This relaxation and expansion does not usually happen suddenly. A certain time must pass. For this reason, the person with hemorrhoids has long-lasting complaints, although not obvious. However, sometimes people who have no complaints or those who are known to have hemorrhoids but are not very uncomfortable apply because of a painful swelling that occurs suddenly in their anus. This condition, which we call acute thrombosed hemorrhoids, is a disease that should be treated due to severe pain. ‘

Can I Hemorrhoids?
If you have been constipated for a long time,
If you see blood in your stool,
If you have swelling, pain and itching,
If your family has individuals who have had hemorrhoids before (especially in the mother / father),
Since spicy and spicy foods cause burning and irritation during defecation, your risk of hemorrhoids is high if you consume these foods abundantly.

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